Our licensed team is available 24/7 for all emergency furnace services.



Furnace Repair

If you're experiencing a gas furnace that is damaged or broken down, you will need emergency repair services. At First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning, our licensed team is available 24/7 for all emergency furnace services.

We have many years of experience and can repair all types of problems, including:

  • Problems with ignition
  • Unusual noises coming from the furnace
  • Problems with the thermostat
  • Your furnace is overheating due to mechanical issues
  • Heating and cooling problems
  • Cycling problems, where the furnace is turning on and off too often

Furnace maintenance will ensure fewer furnace repairs. Call us today to schedule furnace maintenance, and a technician will assist you.


Furnace installation

A furnace installation requires the expertise of a licensed professional. Our team of experts has the skills to get the job done right the first time, ensuring only premium brands are used.

There are many benefits to a furnace installation:

  • Furnaces are energy efficient and save you money in the long run.
  • Furnaces are environmentally friendly.
  • There are various rebate programs available, making a new furnace affordable.
  • Furnaces increase the air quality indoors and increase the comfort in your home.

When to Replace Your Furnace

With regular furnace maintenance, you can avoid needing to replace your furnace. However, if you experience any of the following issues, call us to assist with furnace replacement:

  • The furnace has an unusual smell.
  • The furnace is blowing cold air.
  • The furnace is switching on and off too often.
  • The furnace has a water leak.
  • The furnace filter is dirty.

Finding the Right Furnace to Meet Your Heating Needs

Choosing to upgrade your furnace to a new one can be daunting. This is where First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning comes in! Our team is ready to guide you in making the right choice when choosing a furnace for your home or business.

When finding the right furnace to meet your heating needs, consider the following:

  • Energy efficiency is essential for long-term savings.
  • Your budget will determine which furnace is right for you. We have a wide selection of brands for you to choose from with a warranty.
  • Bigger furnaces aren't always the best choice. Different-sized furnaces provide varying benefits; however, they may not always be suitable for your home. Our team will consider many factors, such as the size of your home before we recommend an option for you.


First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning is your first choice for furnace installations, sales, repairs, and maintenance. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote!

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Shane was a pleasure to have. He's very friendly, honest, thorough and diligent as a professional. His rates are also quite reasonable. Shane repaired all existing pipework and other small fixes (with no extra charge), returned the hot water heater back to Reliance and setup the warranty for me on my new hot water heater. Will definitely reach out to him again for any future work!

- Brandon Cabral -

Very satisfied with the "repair" service Shane provided. I quoted repair because other big contractors charge you $150 to only tell you that you need a new AC or furnace. Or they will charge another $150 for repair service. Shane came to look at my AC condensation issue. He was very professional and on time. After resolving, he explained me the cause of the problem and gave me some tips for future.

-Cem Gercek -

Shane came same day as we we call him to repair our duck vent. He performs quality work and provides informed recommendations. He is polite and very professional and did a terrific job fixing our duck with very competitive price. I will use this company again and have no hesitation is recommending them to friends.

- Amy Li -

Shane installed my vents in my basement to get it ready for inspection. This was everything from a couple of dryers, range hood, and a few return and supply lines. The inspector recommended some changes and he made the updates. While I had to have him come back several times because of the logistics of working with Framers and Plumbers, he was able to accommodate.

- Charles F -